Man Moving Boxes in Self Storage Unit


Storage America operates five well-maintained, secure self-storage facilities in Florida and Rhode Island. Our focus is on quality and affordability, with attentive staff and direct ownership oversight. Established in 1996, we offer month-to-month self-storage solutions for personal, business, and commercial needs.

Dealing with a Cluttered Home

Is your home cluttered or lacking space for your car in the garage? Rent one of our storage units for a cost-effective solution to declutter and regain space without the need for costly renovations or additional rentals!

Expand Your Home’s Space

At times, it’s more advantageous to temporarily vacate a room and opt for a short-term rental with us rather than disposing of your possessions. Our rates are the most competitive in the area!


Whether you’re in the midst of construction, downsizing, house hunting, enjoying summer break from school, or any other situation, we offer affordable, worry-free storage for your belongings, tailored to your desired duration.

Remove clutter with Storage America Self Storage
Woman moving boxes into Storage
Traveling or Military deployment

Travel light and store your belongings with us. Rent on a month-to-month basis and access your items whenever you need.

Are you in search of a space to safely store your vehicle or boat?

If you’d rather use your garage or simply want to protect your vehicle or boat from the elements or store them away from home, Storage America can help. We have the area’s best prices!