Storage America has two self-storage facilities In Florida and three in Rhode Island that provide clean, well-managed, secure, storage at the area’s lowest prices for personal, business and commercial customers. Our storage facilities are high quality, well lighted and our staff is very accommodating. Our goal is to provide the best of everything at the neighborhood’s most inexpensive rates. Facility managers’ report directly to ownership, who expect the best from each location. Storage America is not a large, public company traded on the stock exchange with hundreds of locations and transient upper and lower level management. Storage America was founded in 1996 and maintains the same family ownership, along with long-time managers at each location.

Sometimes in life you need more space than you have. Storage America provides a cheap month-to-month self-storage solution to make your life easier, more organized and less stressful. The following are some of the situations where we can help:

A Cluttered House

If your home is unorganized, your garage a mess, or there’s not enough room in it for an actual car, rent one of our storage units and have an uncluttered home! It’s cheaper and easier than building an addition or renting another apartment 🙂

Create Extra Space in Your Home

Sometimes it’s more desirable to temporarily empty a room out and rent with us for a few months than throw those contents away. We have the areas lowest rates!


Whether you are in the middle of building a house, downsizing, trying to find a new home or rental, or on summer break from school, we can store your belongings inexpensively with peace of mind for as long or short as you desire.

Traveling or Military deployment

You can travel light and store what you want with us.
Rent month to month and grab things you need whenever you desire.

You need a place to store your vehicle or boat

If you’d rather use your garage as a man cave or you simply want to protect your vehicle or boat from the elements or store them away from home, Storage America can help. We have the area’s best prices!